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Have you Ever thought of how big machines were invented? The ideas in your mind were depicted on a piece of sheet which were developed and made into reality. For mastering the art of 3D drawing SAE CET in association with Conceptia Software Technology Pvt Ltd ( Official SolidWorks Reseller in India )  is conducting a SolidWorks as a part of Drishti to instill basic ideas of 3D drawing. The certificates issued  for this workshop will be original SolidWorks certificates.

💠 Venue: Civil CAD Lab
💠 Date: 20,21 January
💠 Fee:Rs.1200

Sarath - 8281796881
Akshay - 7403995524
Nandagopal- 8606539745

₹ 1200
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Chatbot Workshop

The pinnacle of interactive services! CHATBOTS are here.
Get accustomed to emerging technologies and smash the learning curve. Modern AIs that interact with human language with techniques such as NLU and NLP, which will soon replace contemporary APPs, are presented before you. Learn and monopolize the chatbot technology with deep learning at College of Engineering, Trivandrum on 20th Jan Bring your laptops for the workshop💻

Date: 20th January 2018
Reg fee(per head) : 400

Athulkrishna K 8606057586
Nayan 8848015393

₹ 400
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AR with Arduino

Want to expand your knowledge beyond rote learning in class? Here is your chance. Drishti’18 brings you AR with ARduino, a one day workshop designed to equip you on the basics of computer vision with Arduino. Teams of 5 may apply. One kit per team will be provided. Clear your calendars and grab your friends. It's time to put on your learning caps.
Do carry your laptop with you.
Register as a team of 5

Date : 21st January, 2018

Registration fee: Rs 3500 per team

Yadu Krishnan - +918281642904
Justin Jose - 9544149973

₹ 3500
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Have you ever been amazed by intricate automobile designs? Do elegant structures fascinate you? Do you wish to expand your skill set through machine designing, 3D printing and Architectural planning?
Drishti '18 presents a certified AutoCAD workshop conducted by Autodesk CADCENTER, Trivandrum.
AutoCAD is a computer aided design software used in engineering, architecture, interior design and construction industries.
The workshop mainly focuses on basic concepts in the field of designing and increases the imaginative power of the students.
*International online certification(ACU) after successfully completing the AutoCAD course along with a privilege to become as a student expert(Fees for the online exam is included in the programme)* Everyone will receive participation certificate and original AutoCAD software licence(reg fee can be redeemed at CADCENTER, Trivandrum)

Date: Batch 1 : 19th and 20th Jan
Batch 2 : 20th and 21st Jan
Venue -Civil CAD LAB ‎
Registeration Fees – Rs.1000 per person(Individual Participation)

Vignesh P Nambiar-9947660717
Agnivesh K Manoj-8606516933

₹ 1000
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Deploying APP on IBM Cloud

Ever wondered how much you could achieve with clouds! Ever known the profound strength of Kubernetes in generating cloud-native applications? Well, Drishti'18 is all set to take you for sky-diving! We will use the vast framework of IBM Clouds to create cloud-native applications using Kubernetes. The workshop is handled by Mr. Sreekanth R Iyer (our distinguished alumni), a Cloud Security Architect at IBM Cloud Developer Services. So strap on your chutes and don’t miss this opportunity to explore the vast clouds!!

Date: 20th Jan 2018
Venue: CETAA Hall
Registration fee: Rs 350 per head

Gopal - 8281332072
Alan - 9526181102

₹ 350
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Texas Instruments IoT

Brace yourselves folks!!! Coz Texas Instruments is coming to Drishti’18!

Intrigued by the wonders of the next big thing, Internet of Things!!?? We have got your back. One of the world’s biggest and most reputed electronics companies is all set to take a workshop on Embedded and IoT effective programming as part of their University Program.

The workshop will teach you everything you need to know to implement and use IoT in real world application. An exclusive workshop of the highest quality, this is not to be missed.

The workshop will teach you everything you need to know to implement and use IoT in real world application. An exclusive workshop of the highest quality, this is not to be missed.
This is a 2 day workshop under Texas Instruments University Program.
Day 1: Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Linux commands
Day 2: Basics of IoT and multiple hands on demonstrations of real world IoT systems
Date: 20th and 21st jan 2018
Venue : CETAA Hall
Registration Fee: Rs.700/- per head (without kit) , Rs.1100/- per head (with kit)

Gibcen - 9497371474
Labeeba - 7356231766

₹ 700/- per head(without kit),
₹ 1100/- per head(with kit)
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Flytxt - Machine Learning

In association with FlyTxt

"...what we want is a machine that can learn from experience."_ - Alan Turing
Interested in big data? Predictive analysis? Looking for a platform to grab the basics of Machine Learning?
Here is the place for you! Drishti '18 presents before you Machine Learning Workshop. The workshop provides basic foundation in Machine Learning and Data Analysis, giving an overview of many concepts, techniques, and algorithms in Machine Learning, followed by hands-on-session. Do not miss this great opportunity to get a formal understanding of how, why, and when they work. Only limited seats available, so tarry not!

Date: 20th Jan 2018
Venue: SCT Lab
Registration Fee: 350/- per head

Jessal V A - 9447907468
Chris Humphry- 9061392948
Abhishek Nambiar- 9497806656

₹ 350/- per head
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IBM : "Fun with Data Science "

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. ~Milton Berle
"It's now time to unlatch the door, and walk on to the world of Big Data!! Drishti'18 , in association with IBM presents Fun with Data science, a comprehensive session that covers all three main aspects of data analysis: obtaining data, visualising data, and building ML models. Opportunities seldom knock that door twice. So grab your seats, before they fill out!!

Details of Session:
Obtaining data:
# Finding proper data-sets
# Vast repo of public datasets
# cleaning up the data for our use

Visualizing data:
# Generating visualizations from data-set
# Analyzing the data-sets for better insights
# Creating beautiful dashboards

Building ML Models:
# Learn how to build a Feature based Object classifier using classification models
# Create a price predictor using Regression models
# Handwriting Recognition using deep learning models

Speaker Profile:

Krishna Balaga is a Watson and Cloud Developer at IBM. He is a part of Digital Business Group: determined to smoothen the journey for Developers and their startups with IBM’s visionary technology. In the past, he worked mainly with the start-up community. He undertook the roles of an IOT consultant, Computer Vision expert, Cloud Advocate, IOT trainer, Design Automation rookie .
Date: 21st Jan 2018
Venue: CGPU Hall
Registration Fee: 350/- per head

Gopal M- 8281332072
Alan Anto - 9526181102

₹ 350/- per head
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Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux

'A silent guardian, a watchful protector' - Interested in becoming the Caped Crusader of the cyber world? In other words, want to know what it takes to be a white hat?
Here is your chance. FOSS CELL CET brings you a workshop on ethical hacking with Kali Linux. NANDU R, associate partner at CDCLLP will walk you through the basics of ethical hacking.

Date: 21st Jan 2018
Time: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Venue: SCT Lab
Registration fee: Rs 350 per head (Lunch will not be provided)

Sarath Sreedhar - 9447163154
Ashiq P T - 8289894917

₹ 350
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AR and VR game

In association with RoboKart

Did the breathtaking Iphone X's augmented reality blow your mind?Have Virtual Reality games like Star Trek and Eagle Flight fascinated you??What if you could develop AR and VR apps for your own smartphones?
Drishti 18' presents before you AR and VR game development workshop.The workshop will be conducted by professionals from Robokart. The workshop will be conducted as a one day session. Participants will learn to develop games in platforms like 3D UNITY and VUFORIA. Softwares will be distributed during the session.
Takeaway kits will be provided for each team which includes Google cardboard VR headset.

Groups of 3 to 5 are to be formed for registration.
Registrations can be done individually which will not involve takeaway kit.
One laptop per team is mandatory.
Participants will be provided with certificates from IIT BOMBAY Innovation Cell
Date: 21st Jan 2018
Venue: CETAA Hall
Registration Fee: 850/- per head

Sarang - 8289997827
Sreekumar - 8594040178

₹ 850
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Mind Control Bot

In association with RoboKart

Tired of using remote control and messy wired connections to communicate with your robots?Are you tech enthusiast and wanna do something really cool and futuristic? Ever thought of how people in sci-fi movies control robots with their bare mind?
This Drishti get ready to tickle your brains at the Mind Controlled Bot workshop. The workshop will be conducted by professionals from Robokart. Topics covered would be Brain Waves and use of EEG sensor to control a robot. Students will learn to interface arduino with bluetooth module(HC05) along with the EEG sensor
Take away kit will be included for each team which includes the Arduino ,robotics kit and modules.

Register as team of 5. Per head cost would be 850/-
Registration can also be done individually(take away kit not included for individual registration).
One laptop per team is mandatory.
Certificates from IIT BOMBAY Innovation Cell be provided to the participants.
Date: 20th Jan 2018
Venue: CETAA Hall

Sarang - 8289997827
Sreekumar - 8594040178

₹ 850
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Introduction to OpenCV

When the robots take over the world, don't you want to be prepared ?

For people who are intrigued by Artificial Intelligence, Drishti’ 18 presents Introduction to OpenCV workshop. A beginner’s guide to OpenCV and Python basics, whether you're new to AI or experienced, you’ll learn a lot from this. All you require is a laptop running a recent version of Linux.

Registration fee : Rs. 450
Date : 21st January, 2018
Venue : MCA LAB(CET)

Fawaz - 8714448060
Rafsal - 8301035831

₹ 450
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Python in embedded devices

Ever heard the saying, "Talk is cheap, show me the Code" ? For aspiring developers interested in learning Python, Drishti 2018 presents Python in Embedded Devices workshop. It provides a general exposure to basic syntax, introduction to Python, Branching, Functions, Looping, Programming Raspberry Pi using Python, Blinking LED, Building simple web interface for remote control and much more. Whether you're new to coding or an experienced user, you will learn a lot new things from this workshop. All you require is a laptop running a recent version of Linux.

Registration fee : Rs. 350
Date : 13th January, 2018 (Saturday)

Fawaz - 8714448060
Rafsal - 8301035831

₹ 350
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ROS Workshop

What's all this noise about VR and AI if you are gonna miss out on the very basics of the most in-demand simulation software?

Brace yourselves folks!! Drishti'18 presents ROS BASED BOT CONTROL WORKSHOP, for all enthusiasts out there to catch a glimpse of all wonders the ROS software encompasses.
And hurry up!! Coz u definitely don't want to miss out on this.

Brace yourselves folks!! Drishti'18 presents Robotic-OS based GESTURE CONTROL WORKSHOP, for all enthusiasts out there to catch a glimpse of all wonders the ROS software encompasses. The first round of registrations are done, but the interest in the ROS workshop has not died down. At the face of such popular demand, it would very well be a crime to not let any more of you take part in this class! We are now accepting Individual registrations for the ROS Workshop! We won't be able to supply you with any of the hardware components though, so we've taken that out of the registration costs! Bring with you, an Ubuntu laptop, with ROS installed and a basic understanding of Ubuntu and OOP concepts - you're not going to lose out on learning ROS just because you don't have hardware components. Registration Fee: ₹ 400/- per head ( All software, along with certfificate will be provided ) Only limited seats are available, so be quick!
Date : 20th and 21th January, 2018
Venue : Mech Seminar Hall(CET)

Ajay - 8547337659
Georgian - 9526682525

₹ 400/- per head
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WordPress Workshop

_Want to develop a website but no coding knowledge?_

Drishti '18 presents the *WordPress workshop* which teaches you how.
*IET CET* presents The Wordpress Workshop to build and develop an E-Commercial website. It's a hands on Wordpress Website workshop to walk through setting up and building your website without any knowledge in coding.

*What is WordPress?*

Wordpress is an online open source website creation tool. This the easiest and most powerful blogging and website conduct management system in existence today.

Hands-on sessions will cover:
*General introduction to WordPress
*Setting your domain name to hosting
*Reviewing the dashboard
*Themes, plugins,widgets and menus
*Pages vs Post
*Premium Theme and where to find them
*Creating basic pages and post
*Building an E-commerce website

Date :21th January, 2018

Gokul Pradeep - 8714224470
Goutham Krishna - 8943187223

₹ 250/- per head
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Quadcopter Workshop

The Quadcopter Workshop aims to bring forth to students the concept of a Quadcopter. It will guide them as to how to build a Quadcopter and its constituents. Areas involved are: electronics, mechanics, programming and communication.
A Quadcopter also called a Quadrotor Helicopter or Quadrotor is a multirotor helicopter lifter and propelled by 4 rotors.
The Workshop instructs the students on the designing of a Quadcopter and the assembly of a RC Drone including controlling of the Drone
Each team will be provided with take away kit

Date: 20th and 21st Jan 2018
Venue : EEE Seminar Hall(CET)
Registration Fee: 4000/- per team
Maximum 5 participants

Praveen TA - 9495701266
Anandu Krishnan - 9495701266

₹ 4000/- per team
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Learn and evolve

Equip yourself with expertise in the most popular Structural analysis and design software STAAD.Pro. In association with InterCAD, Drishti '18 brings the unique opportunity to mould the structural analyst in you

Date: 20th Jan 2018
Time: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Venue: SCT Lab
Registration fee: Rs 450 per head

Rahul Dileep - 8281635133
Bharath - 8547631302

₹ 450
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PCB Design and 3D Printing

Have you ever wondered how the countless connections on your motherboard were made?Do those lines of copper running through the circuit boards catch your eye? Do you wish to un-complicate the wired connections of your dream circuit ? Or make a reliable product without the curse of "loose" connection? Then look no further,my friend. Drishti'18 has got you covered. Presenting a PCB Designing, Circuit Simulation and 3D printing workshop for the technocrats who have a flair for complex circuit design. You will learn how to design a PCB on EAGLE for your circuit - an invaluable skill that every engineer must have. Simulate your circuit on PROTEUS 8 to find out if it does actually work - no more burnt ICs! Learn the basics of 3D printing on FUSION 360, because why not? A power packed, 3-in-1 workshop that would be a crime to miss. With a certificate issued by reputed organisations like FABLAB and ISTE , this one is a must for the circuit lover inside you.

Date: 13th and 14th Jan 2018

Venue : CET Trivandrum
Registration Fee: Rs 250 per head

Vishnu Sukumaran - 9447832844
Sreekumar H Nair - 8594040178
Sarang J Menon - 8289997827

₹ 250


The roar of the engine. The mechanical pleasure in the gears. The high you get from that smooth downshift. If this is your idea of a wet dream then this is event is just for you. Drishti’18 presents Pitstop, a vehicle overhauling workshop! Right from conceptualising the vehicle to designing it, the workshop takes you deep through the process. Apart from the obvious theory you will be learning, there’ll be a lot of fun stuff for you to get down and dirty. Included in the workshop are: Bike dismantling: Royal Enfield Himalayan Familiarisation with components and circuitry Bike engine dismantling: Learn the in and out of the ST 125cc Go Kart dismantling: Dismantle and see what drives the mini rocket. You’ve probably signed up by now. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Reg fee:600
Date: 20,21 January

Rahul Jayaraj-8547070215
Tony Abraham-+91 80869 92979

₹ 600
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In association with interCAD

SketchUp, formerly Google Sketchup, is a 3D modeling computer programme for a wide range of drawing applications such as architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design.

Date: 19th January 2018
Registration fee: 450
Venue: CET( C-cube lab)

Basil - 9496470968
Ramees - 9020146482

₹ 450/- per head