Lathe Machining

Machining a given model

Given workpiece should be machined to the required shape within the allotted time. (2 hrs)
A team of 2 members can participate.
Machines and workpieces will be provided at the venue.
The use of tools other than those given at the venue will not be allowed.
Late submission of machined pieces will be rejected.

Coordinators decision will be final.

Hariprasad PM - 9961924608
Aravind krishnan - +917561816889

Prize ₹ 10000


Mould the best from the worst

Design and fabricate a working model of a mechanism which will be specified on the spot.The model must be constructed using the given junk materials,tools and other accessories essential to its creation.The competition is held in two stages.In final stage the selected teams will be taken to mechanical workshop and will be asked to make a model from wood using the tools available in the workshop.

The teams may comprise of a maximum of five members.
●Students from any department can take part in the contest.
●Students from different institutes can form a team.
●Points from the written round will not be carried forward to the main event.
●Only materials and facilities provided by the organizing team are to be used, violations will lead to disqualification, in cases where the organizing team feels that other materials are required, relaxations will be made.
●Plagiarism will lead to disqualification.
●No extra time will be allowed.
●Decision of the organizing team will be final.
●Please contact the event manager before making any assumptions in order to avoid any cribs during the event.
The organizers reserve all rights to change any of the above rules as they deem fit. Changes in rules, if any, will be highlighted on the website."

Sujeesh B 9020828527
Nandana S Kumar 9447719405

Prize ₹ 12000