Paper Plane

Unfold your wings

Simple to construct difficult to master. Get ready to compete in the world of airborne origami.

The event will be held in 3 categories.
Longest distance
Best airtime
For each category registration fee will be ₹20

Akhilraj P R-9645016935
Akshay B Menon-9539745111

Prize ₹ 3000



"Have you ever seen a car lift into the air at an auto repair space? have you ever wondered how an elevator lifts loads ? well here is your chance to get a better understanding about the power within a fluid.
The challenge is to build a hydraulic arm which can rotate angularly ,move vertical and horizontal directions to transport and object from one place to another.
The competition will be conducted in 2 rounds.
1. The basic building kit will provided and the problem statement will provided at the venue ,the team must fabricate a hydrobo according to it within the specified time limit.
2. The load lifting capacity (load lifting test will be conducted) , aesthetic looks, reliability will be evaluated.

1.Each team must have min of 2 members and max of 4 members.
2.Teams must report atleast 30 mins prior to commencement of the event.
3. A basic building kit will be provided to the teams.
4.No materials/tools other than the one specified in the building kit must not be used.
5.Use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited.
6. Use Cyanoacrylate based glue is not allowed.
7. The teams who fail to obey these rules will be disqualified.

ARJUN B SHAJI-9497758514
ALISHA SAJEEV-8921005339

Prize ₹ 5000

Auto Quiz

Does your adrenaline pump up with the sound of an ignition ? Does petrol flow in your veins ? Was your childhood spent drooling at cherry red ferraris and bright yellow lamborghinis ? Then, join us at Drishti 18 as the best of your kind race against each other to the title of the ultimate petrolhead.

"Registrations can be done as a team of two or individually.
A written preliminary consisting of 25 questions would be conducted to choose 6 teams.
The finals would have 4 rounds.
There will be rounds on specific topics.
The decisions of the quizmasters will be final and binding on all matters."

Rohil Nair 9847903331
Ryan Simon 9447651521

Prize ₹ 10000

Reverse Engineering

"Ever thought of going through the inner worlds of machines and mechanisms, Explore the chance to reverse your concepts of engineering through Reverse Engineering"

The event will be conducted in two stages.
Based on the number of participants there will be an elimination in which the participants will be asked to make a 2D drawing using Autocad.
Top four will get promoted to the next stage.
In this stage the participants will be given a model of a component along with some measuring instruments.
The participants will have to make a 3D model using Solidworks.

It will be an individual event.
The time duration for the event will be 1 hour 30 minutes for the Autocad drawing and 2 hours for 3D modelling.
The participants must bring a laptop with Autocad and Solidworks installed in it.

VAISAKH N-8547880669

Prize ₹ 2000