DCOD 2.0

Best Techie

Hello world!
We the department of Computer Applications (MCA) of CET, after the very first "BEST TECHIE" event in Kerala, DCOD, are back at it again with the new and improved second edition of our technical fest, DCOD 2.0, conducted as a part of DRISHTI '18.

DCOD2.0 aims at finding the BEST TECHIE among college students by putting the contestants through almost all possible tests and situations a techie will have to go through in his/her career. Be it one's theoretical knowledge, problem solving and analytical abilities, practical implementation of solutions, programming and presentation skills, communication skills and what not!

DCOD 2.0 will let a contestant evaluate oneself, see where he/she stands compared to the rest. This is one of the best platforms you could get to learn and share knowledge and express your ideas.

Do you think you have got what it takes to be the Best Techie ? If yes, what are you waiting for! Register for DCOD 2.0 and we'll find out.

Open to students only. Participants must bring valid college identity cards.

Only individual participation is allowed.

Participants should report on or before 9.30 am at computer application department.

online and spot registration is available, complete the online registration on or before 18th jan through

Event will be held in two days

Each round is carefully designed to test your Coding, Critical Thinking and personal skills.

Participants found violating the rules or misbehaving will be disqualified.

Participants will be responsible for their belongings. 'DCOD 2.0' team or 'Drishti' team will not be responsible for any loss of property.

Decision of the judges will be indisputable and final.

Participants will not be allowed to participate in events that is taking place in parallel with DCOD 2.0.

For any clarification or event related queries contact or event co-ordinators

Rafsal Rahim-8301035831
Eliza Santhosh-+919995977089

Prize ₹ 65000

Blur Gaming

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* Individual registration
* Racing will be a player to player match

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Prize ₹ 7000