Amazing Race 2.0

Rule the trail

The walls of the fortress have been set to open, the chosen six will embark on an ultimate expedition to discover what lies beneath its hallowed walls. They will face peril, but an augmented entity will be there for guidance. Be Gutsy, be brave and #Rule_the_Trail

Registration Fees : Rs.150/Team

1. The AMAZING RACE is a two day event. There will be a preliminary round on day 1 .
2. Interested participants are to compete in teams of 3 or less either from same or different colleges.
3. Each team must have atleast one phone running on Android platform for using Amazing Race App.
4. Only 6 teams will compete in the Finals.
5. Interaction or exchange of clues between two participants are not allowed and will be subject to disqualification UNLESS asked to by the Amazing Race Team.
6. The use of only public transport is allowed through out the race.
7. The tasks or events in the event are only for entertainment and partaking in it will be on the participants' discretion.
8. Hindering of other participants by destruction of possible clues will lead to disqualification.
9. Engaging in fights or throwing insults with any team or event conveners will lead to disqualification.
10. The absence of a teammate/(s) while attending any pit stop or spot will be noted and lead to disqualification. The participants are to work as a team and as such abandonment or lack of interest of a team member will lead to the disqualification of the entire team.
11. The word of the Amazing Race Team is law, be sure to acknowledge it as such.
12. The use of Amazing Race app will be required to complete some tasks, but its usage will be the sole responsibility of the user.

Alan Anto-9526181102
Adharsh Sabu-8075741963

Prize ₹ 40000

VR Chakravyuh 2.0

The ultimate bot race



CHAKRAVYUH 2.0 is a Two day technical VR bot race where the fascinating technology of virtual reality is exploited to control your bot.The teams will have to bring their wireless controlled bot(RF, Bluetooth) , and we will help them to turn it into VR controlled one,with which they will have to race in a mind boggling track and complete fun filled tasks along the way until they win.

The team who can control their bot with atmost precision will be victorious.

Rules and regulations

Game play

CHAKRAVYUH 2.0 will have two stages:


*First stage will be a simple round to steer their bot through a predesigned track, with different laps in a specified time

*The round will be consisting of 1 lap, which only a single bot will be racing in the arena.
* Judging committee decides how many contenders will be taken into the second round along with a special wild card entry.
* Wild card entry will be given to the team with the best robot design and performance at the arena.

*Participants should race their virtually controlled bot against time through a pre designed track.

*The track surface and course line will have unevenness ground of water, wooden path, friction less path etc and abrupt angled wedges with traps like periodic blockers, twisters, motion detected swinging obstacles, pits etc.
*The team that challenges every hurdles and overcoming obstacles with least time will be the winners.

Important Note:
* Maximum of three people are allowed inside the boundary for each bot(including the person who control it virtually).
* Any kinds of videos or photos are not allowed inside the boundary.

Judging Criteria
* If a bot falls in a trap, 15 seconds will be added to their timer and the bot will be set at next check point which will be just adjacent to the trap.
* The time of run is measured from the time the robot crosses the starting time until the
time it crosses the finish line.

. There will be checkpoints all along the track. If any kind of human intervention

(only event managers) is required, then the bot has to start once again from the last checkpoint.
* For example, if a bot falls from a cliff and is unable to get back on the track, then the
official will restart the bot immediately from the last checkpoint it had surpassed.
* The above policy can be used only three times for a given checkpoint.

*If a team cannot reach the next checkpoint in spite of restarting from a previous checkpoint thrice, it may be disqualified.
* Also if a bot hasn't moved from its spot for more than 60 seconds, it will lead to
* Time measured by the concerned judge using a stop watch is final.
* Judges have the right to take decision in case of any discrepancy.

Final Note:
* The organizing committee has the right to change any rules they seem fit (which will be informed).


Design a wireless bot (Bluetooth, WiFi, DTM)which can complete the track.

The dimensions of the bot should not exceed 25*18*10 CMS

Leave a space of about 12*10 cm dimensions on your bot to place the VR cam module (which will be provided).

The participants need not bring any VR googles with them, they will be provided by the organising committee at the event.

No IC engines are allowed

The bots cannot be constructed using ready made Lego kits or any other such mechanism.

But ready made gear assemblies and wheels can be used.

The bot should have battery on board to drive the motors which should not exceed 24v and placed on bot.

Only one member is allowed to control the bot

Team specifications

*Max no of participants per team is 4.

* Inter-college teams are allowed.
* Only 2 or 3 players are allowed to enter the arena.
* All the participants should carry their college ID cards.
* No two teams registered can have common participants.
* Right spirit of participation is expected from the participants

Hamraz Samad P N-+919961133429
Akshay P L-8113088294

Prize ₹ 15000


The path memoriser

Picasso is a competition cum workshop .The bot retraces any path it follows.In a way it memorises any path through which it has been. The morning session consists of a workshop which covers the following topics:
1.Rotary encoders hardware theory
2.Accessing analog values from encoder using serial communication
3.SD card module hardware description
4.SD card library and functions
5.Reading and writing to SD card using SD card library
6.Demonstration of Picasso bot
The competition will be held in the afternoon session.The participants can upload the code to the bot provided by us which should draw the pattern.
Registration Fees: Rs. 200
The workshop is free for all those who register for the competition.
The only prerequisite for the competition is the basic knowledge ofArduino.
The participants can freshly develop the code while participating inthe workshop and the extra time provided
Takeaway kit :Rs. 600(optional)
The takeaway kit consists of Arduino Uno, Rotary encoder and SD card module.
Prize Money:15k
1st prize:8k
2nd prize:5k
3rd prize:2k"

A team comprising of maximum 2 members can register for the event.
A team must have a laptop
The data of the rotary encoders will be mailed to all those who register.

Mathew Chethipuzha-8289843821
Cijo C Sabu-+91 94 96 445290

Prize ₹ 15000