Game of Codes 2.0

Six questions and a throne worth 10k. FOSS CET unit in association with Drishti2K18 brings to you the 'Game of Codes 2.0'. A real war between speed, accuracy and efficiency. You have 180 minutes before the clock stops ticking. Brush up your coding skills and get your daily dose of caffeine, cause things are gonna take a wild turn.
The game begins on 13th of January 18:00 IST. So what are you waiting for? Go to the link below and sign up right now!

- Any of the programming language supported by Hackerrank can be used for coding the solution.
- There will be partial scoring (Points will be awarded for each testcase passed).
- Candidates practicing plagiarism will be strictly disqualified.

Nirmal Thomas-8075804547
Sarathchandran-94973 22346

Prize ₹ 10000

Cryptex 2.0

It will be a 5 day competition. The tasks consist of decrypting encryption, analysing puzzles and solving ciphers.The first one to finish the game or the top player when the time runs out will be the winner

This is an individual game and the only rule is fair play.
Sharing answers and hacking is strictly prohibited

Mathew George-9249355756
Akshay Sebastian-9946375269

₹ 8000

UI/UX Challenge

Deliver designs that are here to stay!

Are you that person who is intrigued by the interfaces? Do you think about how the buttons or the typography could be made better in an app? Can you make wireframes that are smooth and bang-on ? If you're that person, this is the thing for you. Use your HTML+CSS and Photoshop skills to make those screens that make us go wow. The designer-coder event by FOSS CELL CET encourages every coder to team up with a designer and come up with designs that are here to stay!

1. Team should consist of 2 members.
2. Competition will be held in 2 rounds.
3. In the first round, contestants will be provided a moderate design task. Contestants are expected to produce the output as a jpeg or jpg. Contestants will be required to mail their entries. Details will be released soon.

4. Final round will be on spot. In the final round, the task is to come up with a working model/prototype of a design. The participants are expected to hard code the product using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. (Selected frameworks like bootstrap are allowed)

Divya Moncy-7025677437
Nandu Krishnan MG-7907745750

Prize ₹ 15000