Bug It Out

Oru '-' mathi output maaran

The competition consists of one mandatory round and one optional round. In the 1st round you will be provided with an output and its Arduino code which should be checked for error and corrected in minimum time. Bonus round consist of Debugging a 8051 code.
Criteria for winning: Correct the code in minimum time.

Prizes for both the round will be given separtely.

Use of internet and mobile phones leads to disqaulification.
Decisions of the judges will be final and binding.

Atheana M S-8943671901
Goutham Vivek T-9497364885

Prize ₹ 6,000

The Room

Can you escape the room?

Team of 3 and a guide are sent into the room. There are various puzzles hidden within the room which the contestants have to figure, solve, wire up or code to escape.

1. There will be preliminary rounds through which the final teams are selected
2. Each team will be given a certain time limit to solve the puzzles
3. The team which finishes in the least amount of time wins.
4. If no team is able to finish, the team which has most progress will win
5. Follow the guide's instructions carefully
6. Judges' decision will be final.

Abin Robinson-9400994429
Aravind P Kumar-9961309125

Prize ₹ 10000


Electrical wiring competition

Light up our day by wiring the electrical circuit to achieve the desired configuration. Points will be given for how fast you wire up the circuit.

1. Follow Lab rules carefully.
2. Wear shoes and avoid loose garments and ornaments.
3. Call a volunteer before powering up the circuit.
4. You may be asked to repeat the wiring if it is wired unsafely.
5. The judge's decision is final.

Anjana Krishnan-7994053081
S Adithya Narayan-8281769074

Prize ₹ 9000


Espionage aspirants ... The occation calls for you! Can you transmit some really confidential data secretly...?

The event is planned to be conducted in 2 rounds. In the prelims stage, decoding skills and basic knowledge in coding is tested.
The finale will contain a set of rounds which tests the encrypting and decrypting skills along with the level of creativity put forth in the idea.

Rules : Rules :
1. A team of two members can participate.
2. Members should have a laptop each.
3. Basic electronic components required and Arduino will be provided. Participants are expected to have basic programming knowledge.
4. Use of additional modules or other components are not allowed.
5. Each team must have their Drishti id's with them for the duration of the event.
6. The decision of the event conveners will be final and binding throughout the event"

Vaishnav 94464 77457
Yaseen 95269 68605

Prize ₹ 9000