Brandit like Royals

Fight your own wars to the zenith."Brand-ish" your opponents with the best marketing skills you can come up with.This Drishti season,sharpen up your bows and arrows to sell out what comes your way.Work your defenses and plan your strategies to put all the limelight on your product and invade the market.The stage is all set to be yours!

1.A team consists of a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 4 participants.
2.The event consists of three rounds of which one is preliminary and will be mailed to the teams.The selected teams will be notified via mail.
3.The final two rounds will be held on stage and will be judged by an eminent panel of judges.
4.The product to be marketed will be communicated in description at the time of the competition.No change in the product provided will be encouraged.
5.The decision of the judges shall be final and abiding.
6.The deadline for registration is 11th January 2018

Seeyan P A-9847132910
Fathima Samrin P-9605371916

Prize ₹ 10,000

Business Case

Think. Solve. Pitch.

A problem statement will be provided. Find an apt solution for the problem. Submit your abstracts. Best 15 ideas will be selected which should be pitched infront of an expert panel of judges along with a proper business plan to implement the idea.

1)It is a team event. Maximum number of members in a team is 4.
2)The uploaded abstract(round 1) should not exceed 1 page. 3)Business plan for the implementation of your idea is mandatory for the second round(presentation).

Akshay P-9539446798
Jasmine Bernard-9496531086

Prize ₹ 10000