Civil Engineering


To Learn is to Implement.

The event consists of three levels.
Level 1: To test Knowledge and Concepts

Aptitude Questions based on the topic Survey and General Civil Engineering questions.
Duration - 20 minutes

Level 2: To test Speed and Efficiency

Level 1 qualified teams are given a two part challenge. First part is a field investigation to be done by half of the team while remaining half have to do the second part in CAD Lab.
First 3 team to finish qualify for level 3.

Level 3: To test Planing & Design Skills

Final round conducted on CAD lab will be a tag team challenge. Planning and Design skills are tested simultaneously in which half of the team members do either of the two sub challenges for duration of 30 minute while the other half does the other challenge . After each 30 minutes the challenges will be switched.
Duration: 2.5 hrs

(1) Participation as a team of minimum 2 and maximum 4 each.
(2)Basic Knowledge on subject surveying and software Autocad needed.
(3) Usage of Phones, Calculators or any other electronic devices permitted by the coordinators is allowed during the event.
(4)The decision of the coordinators will be final for the event.
(5)Any violation of the rules or use of any unfair means will result in disqualification
(6) Once event starts Members of team cannot quit unless entire team forefeits.

Jithin M S-9496220516
Rohit Ravikumar-8281574957

Prize ₹ 10000


Models : Reality meeting Simplicity!

"Do you have an idea in mind? Do you think you can put up your idea into a structure with limited materials and your structure can stand erect before the test conditions? If your creativity is saying yes, don't wait. Come and join us at Drishti '18, unbox your ideas with talent and tricks. Let your models speak for you!"

A team of 4 members can only participate.

Kavya K S 9947569715
Lincy Baby 9497581439

Prize ₹ 10000


Defy the odds

Curiosity is the mother of all teachers and wisdom, the godfather to success. Strategize your team's move and back yourselves to transcend your skills, time and resource as Drishti 18 presents Skeptico.

Tickle your brains, sharpen your wits and embolden your spirits in the race to unravel and accomplish.

An event to test your logical and technical skills.

A group should consist of 3 or 4 members.
The event is exclusively for civil engineering students.
Use of mobile phones and electronic gadgets are not allowed.
Violation of rules will lead to disqualification.
Decision of the judges will be final.


Prize ₹ 12000


Decode the trail to the Killer

Bravery isn't when you go looking for trouble; bravery is when trouble comes looking for you".

We invite you to a saga, where your only hope of survival is to be smart". So its time to wake up the analyst in you.
It's your duty to avoid any more innocent blood from being spilt, even if it's yours.
Set out for an adrenaline packed hunt as you venture through the dark world of mysteries. Beware, 'cause the killer is probably waiting for you.

1)All teams must have atleast 2 members and not more than 4 members. (It's better to have a civil engineering student in your team)

2)A team must stay together throughout the event.

3)Don't seek help from others to crack the clues.

4)Don't use mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets during the event.

5)The first team to catch the killer wins.

6)Any violation of the rules or use of any unfair means will result in disqualification.

Aravind K Suresh-9539006177
Suchithra B-8547292840

Prize ₹ 8000